Monday, October 9, 2017

25 Free Halloween Printables for Kids

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It's getting close to Halloween!! I love this holiday because it affords so much in terms of creative and imaginative activities for kids. There are so many great resources to find fun activities for kids during the Halloween season. Here are a few of them that have free printables to use with kids.

Halloween is a fun time for kids and adults alike. Here are some exciting activities that can be done with children during this imaginative season.

Enjoy some relaxing coloring with this Halloween Coloring Book.
Practice shape recognition with these Shape-o-Lanterns.
Have more coloring fun with these Halloween Color Pages.
Exercise young minds with this I Spy Halloween game.

Create some Halloween bookmarks with this free printable page.
Complete a Halloween scavenger hunt  by Typically Simple
Have some fun with stampers and these Halloween dot printables.
Enjoy some coloring time with this Happy Halloween Coloring Page.
Give your kiddo a daily laugh with these Halloween Lunch Box Jokes.

Play bingo at your holiday parties with this Halloween Costume Bingo.
Celebrate the Halloween season with this Halloween Traditions Countdown.
Practice fine motor skills with these Halloween Lacing cards.
Build a Monster with this fun, free printable.
Create your own haunted house with this fun flap printable.

Play a game of Halloween Charades with these fun prompts.
Keep young hands busy at home or in the classroom with a Halloween word search.
Play Halloween Bingo as a family activity or for a class party.
Have some Halloween fun with this spooky edition of mad-libs.
Use this Halloween Color by number as a free extra activity.


Work those brains and practice counting with this Halloween I Spy & Count sheet.
Break out the dot stampers and decorate these Halloween Dot printables.
Practice handwriting with this Halloween themed Color & Trace.
Explore a colors and a favorite story with the Very Hungry Pumpkin felt board activity.
Have some word fun with a Halloween Word Scramble.

Find more fun Halloween activities for kids on my Halloween Pinterest board.

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Sunday, October 1, 2017

Moments Matter: October Photo Prompts for Moms

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The Moments Matter monthly photo challenge has helped me  to focus more on the little moments in our lives these past few months. I so hopeful that other mommas are benefitting like I am. Often the photo prompts lead me to look for moments that may relate in our day. It's made me much more introspective. If you follow me on Instagram, you can see how it has affected me. Or the prompts can act as ideas for daily activities. That's the beauty of this project... it allows us to focus more intently on ourselves, our family, or just life in general.
There are several ways you can join me in this project:
  • Use the photo prompts to capture moments in your day that fit them.  Join me on Instagram and share them or keep them for just you and your family to enjoy.
  • Use the topics to hone your photography skills.
  • You can also use the prompts as inspiration for activities for you to do with your children. 
  • If you can’t participate every day, no worries.  Just post when the prompts speak to you and relate to the moments in your day.
  • Share whatever photos you like with the tag #momentsmatter to share the special moments in your day.
  Here are the photo prompts for this month:
Don't forget to use the hashtag #momentsmatter when you share!  See you on Instagram!

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Friday, September 29, 2017

Free Halloween Word Search for Kids {free printable}

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It's the Halloween season! Time to the pumpkin patch, make costumes, and go trick-or-treating. There are so many fun activities for kids during this time of year.  But one of my favorite memories from school is the "downtime" work that we would do. You know... easy things like crosswords and word searches that made me think... but not too hard. So I created this free Halloween word search for kids.
My son loves to sit and do word searches frequently. I appreciate them because, though they fall under the category of a "worksheet", they are fun for him. And he can use them to fulfill screen-free times. This free Halloween word search can also be used in the classroom as a break from curriculum or as bonus work for students.
Get the Halloween Word Search Printable here

I'm going to try to get one out a new word search for you every month. Are there any themes you’d like to see? Leave a comment below and let me know! You can also find other free word searches I've created here.

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