Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Forest Animal Snowy Shadow Match Game and A Song for Snow Review & Giveaway

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We recently got a chance to review the new book Hoot and Peep: A Song for Snow. Penguin Books sent us a free copy to check out. The kids loved it! My three year old wants to read it almost every night. So I thought I'd create a fun learning activity based on the book for her (and you!). See below to download your free version of it. And make sure you enter to win your own copy of this book!

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Hoot and Peep: A Song for Snow is a darling book that captures a young owl's first winter. From the publisher:

It's Peep's first winter, and it's going to snow very, very soon. Peep has so many questions for her older brother Hoot: Does snow drop, ploppety splop, like the rain's song? Does it scrinkle scrattle like falling leaves? But Hoot can't remember snow very well. The one thing he knows for sure is that it is worth waiting for.

But Peep doesn't have his patience, and as she flies around the gorgeous wintery Paris skies, she tries her best to make up her own snow song. But once those first flakes start to fall, Peep realizes just how wise her older brother really is for waiting...and just who she wants to cuddle up to when the snow starts to really sing.

With all the wonder and the joy of a first snowfall, this tender follow-up to Hoot and Peep is certainly worth waiting for, too.

My preschooler loved this story, so to further explore the book, I created a match-up game for children where they match images related to the book with an outline of the image. After downloading the game using the link below, all you have to do is print, cut, and play. You may want to laminate for durability.

Want to get a copy of Hoot and Peep: A Song for Snow for your young reader? Enter this giveaway before buying your own copy. You'll enter to win your own copy of the book plus a few extra goodies from me!
To enter, use the Rafflecopter entry below.  Contest is limited to U.S. only. Entries close on November 21st at 12 am. Winner will be announced by midnight on May 22nd.
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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of A Song for Snow via Penguin Books. All opinions are mine. The received a copy of A Song for Snow in exchange for an honest review. Giveaway items are supplied by publisher.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

November Photo Prompts for Moms: Moments Matter

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I've falled off the wagon again....Stopped focusing on the small parts of our days that make them wonderful. Life has been crazy, so instead I've been in survival mode. Can you relate? Do you ever feel like you're missing the little things that make being a family so amazing? The Moments Matter monthly photo challenge can help with that. In previous months, it's helped me  to focus more on the details of our days. I  hope that other mommas can get the same rewards I've found with it. Often, I've found the photo prompts lead me to look for moments in our day that match the challenge. Other days it gives me a great boost to create an activity that suits the day's theme. That's the beauty of this project... it allows us to focus more intently on ourselves, our family, or just life in general.
There are several ways you can join me in this project:
  • Use the photo prompts to capture moments in your day that fit them.  Join me on Instagram and share them or keep them for just you and your family to enjoy.
  • Use the topics to hone your photography skills.
  • You can also use the prompts as inspiration for activities for you to do with your children. 
  • If you can’t participate every day, no worries.  Just post when the prompts speak to you and relate to the moments in your day.
  • Share whatever photos you like with the tag #momentsmatter to share the special moments in your day.
  Here are the photo prompts for this month: 
Don't forget to use the hashtag #momentsmatter when you share!  See you on Instagram!

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The Very Hungry Pumpkin Thanksgiving Felt Board Activity

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It's Thanksgiving time! One book that I've always found to engage preschoolers' favorite books is Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Caterpillar. So I wrote this fun Thanksgiving felt board story that invokes the same storyline with a Thanksgiving theme. It's a great way to help preschoolers practice colors and have fun through a new rendition of a familiar story. 

The idea behind this interactive felt board story is that a hungry pumpkin goes around eating various foods, which then turn him different colors. The pumpkin gets worried. At the end, he finally eats a food that turns him into something he is happy and comfortable with. A few years ago, I presented this at our local library for a storytime for 20+ children. It was a hit!

Below you can find images of how to present this activity individually, or in small or large groups, as well as a link to download the script and images for this activity.

The story goes like this....
"One Sunday morning the warm sun came up and -pop!- out of the ground came a tiny and very hungry pumpkin.  He started to look for some food..."

As the days progress, the hungry pumpkin eats a variety of food that turns him many different colors. And he isn't happy with the results....
Each day, the pumpkin is upset at the results of what he's eaten. It isn't until the last day that the pumpkin finally finds a food to eat that makes him feel right...
But something didn't feel quite right. So he went looking for something to help him feel a little bit better. He nibbled on a turkey leg. And then he said, "Oh me, oh my!" he began to sigh.  "I'm a piece of pumpkin pie!"

Click the link below to download 

 If you love this activity and want to do it next Halloween, check out the jack-o-lantern version.

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