Saturday, January 29, 2011

let it snow!: coffee filter snowflakes

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Bear and iIhave been talking a lot about winter topics lately.  We recently took down our Christmas decorations and it was pointed out to me by my 2 year old that we needed to make some decorations for our glass front door.  So we raided my husband’s coffee cabinet for filters and this is what the result was…

I had Bear separate the coffee filters and lay them out flat (working on those small motor skills.  then we colored them with washable crayola markers. 
After they were colored to our satisfaction, I filled a small water bottle with water and placed a cookie sheet down on the table to catch the water.  The coffee filters were sprayed with water to make the colors bleed.  Bear found it quite interesting that the water spray was able to move the colors off of the filters.  They took about 2 hours to dry.

Once the filters were dry, they could be cut into snowflakes.

I laminated ours to make them more durable. That way we can bring them out next year to decorate again.  I use a Scotch laminator.  It paid for itself the second time I used it.

The finished product was then hung on the front door.  

literary connections
a snowy day…ezra jack keats
a very special snowflake…don hoffman
snowball fight…jimmy fallon and adam stower
winter’s first snowflake…cheri l. hallwood

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Mrs. Smith said...

You know that I really like the literary connections that you suggested! I also didn't know about laminators being this small and portable.

abbEy said...

i LOVE this project. even though winter is almost over i keep wanting to grab some coffee filters at the store and i keep forgetting! ugh! my brain these days. anyway, thanks for sharing, we will definitely be crafting these at our house soon!

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