Sunday, February 6, 2011

Paper Plate Rainbow Fish

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it’s seems i’m off to a slow start.  you may notice that many of my early projects are my adaptations on tried and true versions many of today’s moms did when they were children.  i love classics.  also, there are so many things i’ve always wanted to do “when i had a kid.”  well…now i do.  and i only get one chance.  many of the items i use in projects are everyday items.  i think this helps children to look at things creatively and develop their own interpretations; rather than abiding by the societal rules for the object. 

this project was originally inspired by our MOPPETS lesson.  the lesson was about when Jesus fed 5000 people from 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread (Matthew 14:13-21).  the two year old group that i work with made their own versions of the fish that Jesus used to feed the people. 

One Fish, Two Fish... by Dr. Suess:  Create multiple fish using like colored paper    
The Rainbow Fish:  Add “scales” made out of torn pieces of aluminum foil for the Rainbow
                fish appearance. (as shown above)

Literary Connections
The Beautiful World That God Made…Rhonda Gowler Green
Fish is Fish…Leo Lionni
The Rainbow Fish...Marcus Pfister and J Alison James
Ten Little Fish…Audrey Wood

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