Saturday, April 30, 2011

no slip placemat

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Bear's placemat was ridiculously gross. the top was okay. but it seems i didn’t clean the underside (i’m not grody, i swear. just forgetful.) so i threw it away. he’s gone without for about two weeks. and if i scrub his spot on the table anymore, i’ll start wearing away the wood.

we were at target last night and he spotted a dORa placemat in the $1 spot.
after i picked it up, i noticed how slick the bottom was. i imagined it sliding across the table into big sister Pip’s lap.


i HAd a pLaN.

today i set to work to “gripperize” the back of the placemat. i got a roll of the gripper cabinet liner that i had leftover from painting our cabinets (pictures coming soon). i put the new placemat face down and traced around it. when i cut the liner, i cut inside my lines a bit so i didn’t have to worry about getting it lined up perfectly.

then i put scrapbooking adhesive squares in each corner and covered the back of the placemat with liquid stitch.

[[and i have to just say: i. LoVe. LiQUiD. sTiTCh. i may love it even more than aileen’s craft glue in the famous gold bottle. it’s a little bit runnier and easier to spread around.]] then i set the gripper sheet down on the back of the placemat. i taped the edges to keep it together a bit while it dried. it turned out pretty good.

after a trial run,
                 Bear, dORa, and fiLMoRe (from Cars
                                                                       gave it their stamp of approval.

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sarajo said...

Smart mama you! Thanks for the tip!!

Gina said...

Sounds like an excellent idea!

Thanks for visiting me today. I'm your newest follower. Have a good week!

Rev Elizabeth said...

Clever move ... I found this through your 365 picture!

Amanda Perry said...

What a great idea! I have several place mats and it always bothers me when they slip and slide all over the place.
I found you through Be Different Act Normal's linky.
Please feel free to check out my crafting mommy blog Momesticated

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