Wednesday, May 11, 2011

me likey

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i found a 2 foot remnant of the most daRLiNg fabric at hobby lobby the other day thinking i could use it to cover a pillow or for some wall art.

i took it home, opened it up and
                         i absotively, posilutely fell in lerve with it!!!

it has the cOLoRs and the pERsoNaLiTY that i’ve been looking to add to our family area (an L-shaped kitchen, dining, living room combo).

the only problem was, i wasn't sure if they had anymore since it was a remnant.

Bear and i went back today and bought their last fiVe yARds
                                            -aNd- it was 30% off. yAy!!

 and wait until you see what i have planned for this!!!

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Lora said...

i LOVE that fabric!

Sheri said...

It's wonderful Andie! It's bright and fun and will feel wonderful with your white cabinets and table. Love it!!

Misty ~ Not an Empty Room ~ said...

oooh pretty. i love that!

Courtney said...

Very cute the colors are nice and bright!

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