Friday, May 13, 2011

water spots and soap scum, oh my!

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we have had hoRRibLE problems with our dishwasher lately. it doesn’t seem to be getting the dishes clean. they come out sPoTTy and coated in wHiTe fiLm. i added more jet dry thinking that it might work, but it didn’t. my husband suggested getting some of that dishwasher cleaner stuff that you put upside down in the rack and run it through a wash. but when i was in the aisle at target looking at all the different dishwasher chemicals, i saw this.

i figured for the same price as a one-time bottle of cleaner, i could get several runs out of this. i filled up the soap container in the dishwasher with the powder and ran it through a cycle. then i filled the dishwasher with the diRtY diSHeS that had accumulated on the counter. i could not believe my eyes when the dishwasher was done washing. everything looked bRaND-sPaNKinG nEw!

check out my before and afters

can you believe it? we have been sprinkling it into the pre-wash bin and putting our regular tabs in the main wash and our dishes still look awesome! i got it at target, but i’m sure that other stores carry it as well. bUy sOmE, you won’t regret it.
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The Simple Life of Me said...

Wow thanks so much for the review!

Sheri said...

That's awesome to know. Our dishes at the lake seem to be spotty (probably because the water is harder). I will pick some up and give it a try!! I love how you write. Fun read everytime. :)

LambAround said...

That's pretty good! It's a shame we didn't learn about this product before purchasing a water softener, esp. because now I worry about drinking the softened water! :p

Tiaras & Bow Ties said...

I need to get some of this stuff. I can't seem to find it here. All of my plastic looks like that and some of the glassware. I hate having to rescrub everything when I take it out of the dishwasher!

PS Andie, I don't know why but most of your comments come to my email as spam. i've marked them not spam, so hopefully I will get them now!
Thanks Friend,


Nicole said...

I love this's a miracle worker. I stopped using it after I kept forgetting to get some at the store....and BAM~there was the cloudiness again. Needless to say, just about everytime I go grocery shopping (which is only about 2x a month) I get some, even if I don't need it. ;)

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