Thursday, July 7, 2011

project food-coloring tie-dye = fail

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you wiN some, you LosE some...right?  bored the other day. wanted to do some haNDs-oN exploring with little man. 

i bought these dOiLiES at the dollar tree with the idea of making a table runner like the one i saw hErE at under the sycamore

since the base of my table is white, i wanted to make them colored to add a little pOp.  i was curious as to whether or not food coloring would dye fabric.  so we gave it a whirl.

then we did some shirts...

and then after all of our exploration, came the moMeNT oF tRuTH....
                         i washed them

project fail

so i bought an actual tie-dye kit at hobby lobby yesterday and we'll do it all again with the rEaL sTuFF.  after i re-dye the doilies for the runner, i'll stitch them together and post another shot.

and thanks to christy from christy's cuties for giving me the courage to post my own project fail.  and for amanda from crafts by amanda for showing us all the right way to do it!

incidentally, here's how to do it right at crafts by amanda

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Amanda said...

Oh! They came out so fun too! I've actually wondered if using Kool-Aid packets would work. I thought of mixing the powder with much less water than the 2 quarts recommended for the drink. I know Kool-Aid has stained our shirts before, so it probably would work! LOL Thanks for linking over to me :) You can share your "fail" for fun over at Craft Fail too!

Shore Girl said...

I love the doilies as a table runner! Such a pretty idea!

Art For Little Hands said...

ha ha. Upside: you have a dang good washing machine.

Gina said...

I love the doily runner. It looks very pretty.

Christy said...

Ha! I love the runner. And at least you still have some white shirts to use again! ;) We all mess up at times. It helps us know no one is perfect!

Fork said...

I love this project! Looks like it was fun and the finished product is sooo cute!!

Sheri said...

Andie, do you know how many times I tried to get Koolaid stains out of my kids t-shirts when they were little??? Crazy!! I can't believe that your shirt came out white. It was a really cool idea though! You are such a fun mom.

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