Friday, August 19, 2011

the canisters

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got a great deal on some retro kitchen canisters at hobby lobby.  all three were on clearance.

they were marked down from:
$7.99    $4.79
$5.99    $3.59
$4.99    $2.99

here's what i've done with them.... like how i labeled them? 


the insides...

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Kerry said...

love the canisters. a hobby lobby just opened by me and i need some new canisters. i may have to slip to town later today!

Anonymous said...

I have always liked those cannisters from Hobby Lobby. Too bad they don't match my kitchen! What a great idea to use magnetic letters to label them!
(Designed to Dwell)
PS- I really don't know why my google account will only let me use it to comment on certain blogs!

Coley said...

Cute project! They would look great in a kids room :)

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