Monday, March 19, 2012

in {her} shoes...kelly

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today's guest blogger is Kelly from Happy Whimsical Hearts.  she's a total doll, super nice, and does so many fun things with her kiddos.  she's got a ton of cooking activities, too!  so, please welcome Kelly and drop her a friendly note at her blog! 

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Do you remember how you felt when you first watched Mary Poppins? Full of warmth, joy and excitement?! I hope my kids get that feeling a lot during their childhoods.
But I’m getting ahead of myself; I’m Kelly from Happy Whimsical Hearts and I’m super excited to be here today – thanks Andie!!
I’m an Aussie mum to Master D (3) and Little Miss Q (8 months). Husband and I met while working together on a milk run. We used to sit on the back of the milk truck and chat between running the milk to homes. Fast forward 13.5 years and I started blogging :)
I started as a way to journal what we get up to with our kids, but also to be part of this wonderful sharing community – blogland! Kindness brings people together and I see that all the time in blogland. Kindness is also something that Husband and I want to instill in our children.

Our parenting style has evolved since Master D was born and I would now say it is Waldorf inspired. To us that means celebrating childhood and it’s magic. We have a rhythm that supports this, and that is flexible to suit the interests and needs of the kids (it’s already changed in the last couple of months). So at the moment

 Monday is painting day

 Tuesday is cleaning day

 Wednesday is baking day

 Thursday is crafting day

 Friday is gardening day

Master D took this photo one recent crafting day…

…I’m not wearing any shoes, but mostly I am barefoot at home. His little feet are in there too, and so are Wookie’s :)

Also, if you bake with your little ones we also have a linky on Thursdays to share ideas and inspire each other – Happy lil ❤'s are baking!

Doing our activities is wonderful for Master D (and Little Miss Q) but it is a challenge at times to keep up the energy and to be patient. Mind you, sometimes I get so excited by the next project that I can’t wait!
I’m having fun and so are my kids. Actually if they were to describe me, I think they would say I am a fun mum, but more importantly loving and kind. And I just checked with Master D on this and he said ‘you are a dinosaur’ – which in his books is high praise :)

Well I hope you all visit us at Happy Whimsical Hearts sometime, and a super huge thanks to Andie for letting me blather on to you all!!

Warmly, Kelly

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Happy Whimsical Hearts said...

Thanks for having me to vist today ;-) Warmly, Kelly x

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