Monday, April 16, 2012

in {her} shoes...charisa

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today's in {her} shoes guest blogger is Charisa from Madtown Macs.  she's the cutest little thing!  and the way she writes her blog makes it feel like you're getting an email from a college friend {i.e. her latest posts about fighting poison ivy}  after you're done here, shoot on over to her blog and say hi!

Hello, I’m more than thrilled to be guest posting today for Andie. I’m Charisa and I’m the Director of In-House Operations for my household. (The title “stay-at-home mom” just doesn’t do it for me!) My associates are my husband, my almost 7 year old son, and my almost 4 year old daughter. I have a degree in art education and am proud to be one of those moms who is not afraid to get messy. I started my blog in 2006 as a way to vent all those new mommy frustrations, journal everyday moments that might be forgotten, and also as a way to keep up with family and friends since we had recently been relocated for my husband’s job. I never thought I’d still be at it 6 years down the road!

Me with my two associates.

Here we go! It’s Question and Answer Time!
What’s the most challenging part of being the type of mom that you are?
Balance! (Like so many of us out there!) I want to be Supermom! And Superwife! And Superdecorator! And Superparty-planner and on and on and on. I want to do it all and ...*head on keyboard*... I can’t keep up. As I result I’m guilty of never taking any time for myself, so that’s what I’m working on - being okay with not doing it all. The kids will survive with doing one less craft for Feazel Day so Mommy can squeeze a workout in. In fact, we’ll all be happier at the end of the day.
What’s the most rewarding part of being the type of mom that I am?
Everything. Every smile, every laugh, every tear, and even every hard lesson learned. When we decide to become parents we sign up for the good and the bad. It’s all part of life and this is exactly the life that I signed up for. I count my blessings every day for the family my husband and I have created.
What’s the most important values that parents can instill in their children?
I believe basic, common sense values that unfortunately so many have forgotten these days are the building blocks to teaching important values. Be a good person. Help your neighbor. Respect others. Different doesn’t mean wrong. Work hard for what you want. Don’t take more than you need. Kids learn by example so if they see you doing it, most likely they’ll follow suit.
How would your children describe you in 3 words?
Creative, Silly, and Fun. I feel they’ve hit the nail on the head! We have lots of fun around our house and I wouldn’t have it any other way. We take our silliness very seriously!
Thanks, Andie, for letting me steal your stage for the day!


MaryAnne said...

What a fun guest post! We all need to take our silliness seriously :)

Love those pink shoes, too!

Unknown said...

Great to meet you, Charisa! We love to get messy too.

Charisa said...

Thanks everyone! It's been a great opportunity!

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