Friday, May 25, 2012

Sun Scholars Summer Program winner

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last week, i shared with you a review of the Sun Scholars 12 Week Summer program.  one of the activities that Bear and i tried out was the rock painting.  we are starting the full program next week and we're so excited! 

thanks to all of you who entered.  and remember, if you're still interested in having a copy of the program for your own, you can visit the Sun Scholars 12 Week Summer Program page and purchase it for $30...that's $2.50 a week!

i bet you're wondering who the lucky winner of the Sun Scholars 12 Week Summer Program is...

it's Julie from The Tweeting Moms

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Rachel at Sun Scholars said...

Yeah! Congratulations Julie! I'll be sending the program your way. Thanks again for hosting a give-away Andie! :)

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