Tuesday, May 15, 2012

tip-toe thru tuesday may: 3

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hello lovelies!!  welcome to tip-toe thru tuesday co-hosted by myself and Kim from Tiaras and Bowties

before we start, i've got 2 requests for your support.

The Friendship Circle of Michigan has teamed up with adaptive bike companies to giveaway {18} special bikes to {18} special kids! The contest is running on The Friendship Circle's FB page from May 13th-18th. The top 14 kids with the most votes will win a bike, 4 others will receive "Director's Choice Awards".  

As of right now, Kim's {our co-host} daughter Alexis is in the 25th spot.  Please take a second and vote for her.  If you vote for her, come back here and tell me  what number vote you were, i'll give you 3 months free advertising for your blog or etsy shop if Alexis wins a bike!                               

Small Hands Creating HopeI'm taking part in an amazing project with almost 40 other bloggers to try and raise $3000 for the American Cancer Society by June 4th.  We're doing this in celebration of MaryAnne from Mama Smiles' 30 year anniversary of being cancer-free and in the hopes that it will mean 30 year anniversaries for everyone diagnosed with cancer!  We've put together a book of gorgeous children's butterfly art and projects that you can download for a $15 donation to the ACS.  You can find out all the details by reading my post about it here

now, it's time to party!!


here are the toP 2 pOSts from last week plus one of mY faVEs.  don't forget to check out Kim's fave over at Tiaras and Bowties.  if you're featured, grab a fEAtuRed button from my button page

5 Ways to Help Your Newborn Sleep from True Aim: Early Education
Butterfly Footprints from Plain Vanilla Mom
Homemade Dog Toys from Creative Connections for Kids

PoST aNYtHiNG you've created (show me some etsy shops and giveaways!)

Feel free to share several posts

Link back to my page somewhere on your blog

Stay around and check out a few other links. wE aLL LovE fEEdBaCK!


Meeha Meeha said...

Oh, Andie, those butterfly footprints! ... Thanks for hosting, I wish you a fab week :)

Alison said...

Thanks for hosting!

Susan Case said...

I voted no. 214 and shared on FB page. So happy to do it and I hope she wins!

Rachel @ The Philosophers Wife said...

Thank you for hosting! I voted--#207. I really hope that she wins. It's a shame that all the kids can't get a bike. I know that my bike played a huge roll in my childhood. My siblings, the neighbor kids, and I would ride for hours on end.

Trisha @ Inspiration Laboratories said...

2 great causes! I voted (#228).

MaryAnne K said...

I love the butterfly footprints! Voted :) #245

Thanks for sharing my project! There are actually over 40 bloggers involved!

Kristi@Creative Connections for Kids said...

Thanks for featuring our puppy post! I'm 297...go Alexis!

Janine LaTulippe said...

Thank you for featuring my Handsome Little Man! I voted for Alexis #363 I hope she wins!

Meegan said...

It's my first time to visit and link up to your party and visit your blog. What a giving heart you have.
I am excited to be here. I hope to visit often!
Meegan@what meegan makes

Susan Case said...

Andie - I got this link from a friend regarding bikes for little people. She said they might offer some giveaways or discounts. I don't know if this is different from the one your friend used. I'll post a comment on her blog too. http://bikefriday.com/bicycles/bantam_fridays

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