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August Virtual Book Club for Kids: Kevin Henkes

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this is the first time we've participated in the Virtual Book Club for Kids that Toddler Approved hosts.  this month's featured author is Kevin Henkes and our activity is based on his book Jessica .
Jessica is a darling book about a little girl named Ruthie and her best friend, Jessica.  Ruthie takes Jessica everywhere she goes.  Her parents insist that Jessica isn't real, but Ruthie doesn't listen.  When Ruthie starts kindergarten, Jessica is there, too {in more ways than one}.  Harper Collins has been amazing enough to give us a copy of Jessica to give away on Wednesday!!
After we read the book, Bear and I talked about what a friend is.  Here are Bear's answers about what the definition of a friend is:
They love you.
They play with JD (his bestie) does.
They are nice to you.

Bear's dad has been off work, so he's not wanted to do much activity with me at all.  thus putting my ideas for activities related to this book into action were shot down.  Again and again.  I had wanted to...
  • Make a friendship wreath out of our handprints.  Each handprint would have a friendship quality on it.
  • We could make our own paper imaginary friends (similar to Flat Stanley's) to carry with us throughout the day.

The bonus of this book, is that it opened up dialogue between Bear and I about his imaginary friends... {a topic that I will post on Wednesday}.  I am so grateful to have found a book that reassures Bear's imagination choices.

Have you ever done any activities based on a Kevin Henkes book? We'd love to see what you've created or done after being inspired by one of his books!  Please add your links to any Kevin Henkes inspired posts to the blog hop linky below.
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