Wednesday, September 19, 2012

lego pirate birthday party

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i had originally planned to spend 3 days sharing Bear's lego pirate birthday party with you so as not to bog you down with a bunch of pictures.  i changed my mind and cut out some pics just so i could bundle all of Bear's 4th birthday into one post.
i envisioned making adorable homemade invitations.  but i just... i ran out of time. so i used store-bought ones and did what i could to make them a bit more fun.  for the name space, i called Bear "captain".  and in addition to our address, i said it was held at "Birthday Island".  feel-better-momma thought: they're likely going to be thrown away anyway...
a week before Bear's party, we started a treasure chest countdown so he could see how close it was to coming.  my excited little pirate kept asking when is it gonna be my birthday?  so we marked it on the calendar and created this fun countdown for him. 
the base was a treasure chest and the counters were gold coins (all clipart).  every day he got to add a gold coin to it with the promise that when the coins were all gone, it was his birthday!  on the big day, he got to put up a large jewel with the number four on it.  i also set up our calendar with the same type of signs so that he could see when it was all going to happen.
every year, i make Bear a birthday shirt that corresponds to his birthday party theme.   you can see the first 3 years' shirts here.  here's this year's.  i used this coloring sheet as a guide for my drawing.  then i painted it with acrylic.

 the lego pirate birthday table set-up is my favorite.  i was able to do it all for a small amount.  see below the picture for details on everything.
  • the pennant is from you make do's online shop. you can't really see it, but i frayed the ribbon on it a bit to look more pirate-y.  sidenote: i fell off the table while hanging it up.  landed on my face and my shoulder... what we mommas do for love, huh? 
  • the lego 4 is my favorite.  i am going to take Bear's 4 year old pics with it
  • table scatter was made of: plastic gold coins, bead necklaces, flat marbles, and legos.
  • the rest, you can see closer below 
 and here's the lego pirate birthday cake.  my sweet Bear was overwhelmed when he saw it.  it's not perfect by any means, but i worked hard and put alot of love into it.  he was soooo happy.  can you tell by the smile? 
we got paper mache treasure chests for the little pirates to paint.
here's the loot they left with:
the hats were a total fluke.  i found 4 (exactly what i needed) on a clearance end-cap at target for $1 a piece.  before all the boys left, i tried to get a group picture of them all wearing them, but it didn't quite work out.
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Kali at The Vintage Milk House said...

You are so stinking talented Andie! I love the shirt!!!

Gina said...

These are such great & creative ideas! I bet he loved his pirate party!

Tulip TrueAim said...

I love the birthday count down and the shirts! Great ideas Andie. Avast! I'm go'n ta have ta swipe ye' booty. ARRR.

Christy said...

How cute!!

Jennifer said...

We did a Lego party this weekend for my seven turned out great!! Hope your party went well!

Allison said...

The countdown treasure chest is such a great idea!

Amanda Masters said...

Awww the party looks as though is was awesome, love the count down!

You did a great job with all the prep, I'm dreading hosting actual birthday parties!

Oh and the baby photos, too cute!

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

What a great party! And great find with the hats!!!

Happy Whimsical Hearts said...

What a great celebration! And happy birthday to Bear :-) My lad (Dino Boy) saw the number 4 and said 'we're the same age!' :-)

Amy said...

LOVE this! Great work, mama!

Ness @ One Perfect Day said...

Happy Birthday Bear! This is so fantastic! You are amazing. I love the treasure chest activity.

Kimberly Sminkey said...

Oh you did an amazing job with his party! I love every single little detail, even the cute little mustaches on the photos! I'm sure Bear thought it was the best party ever! "Happy Birthday Bear!"

Mary Ryan said...

I love this post! First, I love the ideas and how much effort went in to the party. Second, I'm pretty sure I almost always injure myself in an attempt to decorate for one of the kids birthday parties. Lastly, I spend way (way) too much time working on the invitations and in the end I always have the thought that this is only a keepsake for myself (why am I killing myself again?)

Trisha @ Inspiration Laboratories said...

Such a wonderful party, Andie! I love the Lego 4, too!

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