Monday, November 26, 2012

the final "in {her} shoes" post

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i have been so blessed through this series.  through this project of mine, i've been able to hear the stories of so many amazing and inspirational mommas.  but as with everything, all good things must come to an end.  but fear not, there's another fun new series starting after the new year.

here are the women who've shared their lives with us...
just click on their picture to read their story!

kerry     christy     sheri
amy     julia     aunna
sj     carly     laura
maria     jennifer     lish
3 krazy chics     tara     melanie
jenni     wendy     michelle
nicole     jen     kim
breena     maggy     tc
rebekah     sierra     ali
mary anne     shannah     kellygina     andrea     charisa
inhershoes     Photobucket     mel
danielle     charlotte     the monkoshruti     rachel     lauraisil     krissy     Photobucketchrissy          pam
kristina      gina     eddie julie      adrienne      joyce susan      heather      Lyndsayrenee      varya      mary beth andie
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Joyce said...

I really enjoyed reading these and I'm so thankful to be included! I seriously cannot wait for your new series!

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