Friday, November 29, 2013

tissue paper candle jar {gifts kids can make}

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every year we all create a handmade gift to give to each other.  it helps our family to keep things in perspective and put meaning behind the gifts we give.  this project is one that will end up being a Christmas present for my Bear's gramma. 

the idea for this craft came from this illustration in one of our favorite books,  

do you see what llama llama is working on?  this mosaic tissue paper candle jar project is straightforward, easy to do, and has beautiful and unique results.  the only supplies needed are:  tissue paper squares, mod podge, and a clean glass jar.   

what i liked most about making this was that there was not much i had to do. not that i mind helping... it's just important to me that Bear be able to look at something and say,
"i did that. i made that all by myself."

i held the jar and let him paint the mod podge on and go to town sticking the tissue paper squares down wherever he chose.

after the first layer dried, Bear painted on another layer of mod podge on it to seal it up.  he didn't want another layer of tissue paper (as i had planned).  but, his project = his choice.

and the result is so darling.  using a tea light in it would be fine since it's glass.  but i think that we are going to pick up one of those fake tea lights for her to put in it so that it is totally safe. 

and that's it.  super easy.  super cute.  super personal.

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Jess said...

Cute! I love the Llama Llama inspiration!

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