Tuesday, December 17, 2013

10 children's books about Christmas {not Santa}

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Christmas is two weeks away.  So many spend these last two weeks focused on finishing up the shopping for presents and counting down until Santa comes.  And so many children's books about Christmas cover these same topics.  Here are 10 great faith-based books that I found on my search for children's books that focus on the actual event of Christmas, as in Christ-mas, no Santas included.

Who is Coming to Our House?
All the animals in the barn are tidying up their home in expectation of the guests that will be arriving soon.  Though they aren't exactly sure who the special visitor will be, there is a promise of wonder as they prepare.

The Christmas Cat
Baby Jesus is crying.  All the animals take turns trying to soothe him, to no avail.  But when the littlest of them, a tiny kitten tries, something amazing happens.

God Gave Us Christmas
As his family gets ready for the Christmas season, Little Cub begins to wonder what all the hubbub is about and wonders if Santa is the one who created the holiday.  His parents guide him and explain to him God's wonderful reason for the Christmas season.  This is one of my favorites because it contrasts Santa and God several times, with the importance of God's role in this holiday coming out on top every time.

Humphrey's First Christmas
If the smiling camel on the cover of this book doesn't make you smile, the message inside surely will.  This book is told from the point of view of one of the camels who brought the wise men to see Baby Jesus.  Through lessons learned on his journey and at his destination, Humphrey the camel realizes the power of giving.

This Is the Stable
This book is told in the This is the House that Jack Built style and tells the story of the stable that housed all the animals that stood witness to the birth of Baby Jesus.

The Sparkle Box: A Gift with the Power to Change Christmas
Sam is curious about the contents of a sparkly silver box on the mantel.  But his mom says that they have to wait to open it.  As Christmas gets closer, Sam and his family find several ways to do acts of kindness and charity to help others.  When they finally get to open the box, he finds that all of their good deeds have been written on pieces of paper and put in the box.  His mom explains to him that all of those actions are part of their family's gift to Jesus. 

Room for a Little One
This book is the story of a King Ox who graciously opens his stable home to others for shelter.  So precious the way this large animal's tenderness is shown towards the other animals and people.  Especially in his sentiments, "there's always room for a little one."  Also, the illustrations in this book are exquisitely created (think Thomas Kincade). 

Song of the Stars: A Christmas Story
As the time for Jesus' arrival nears, all of nature begins to stir and anxiously await it.  When the song erupts in the heavens, the animals rejoice and stare in wonder at the little baby, their creator, who has come down to live with them.

Jesus, Me, and My Christmas Tree
The symbolism covered in this book is great!  It details what the Christmas tree and many of the symbols that decorate it mean.  It doesn't focus on the excitement of getting the tree set up to place presents underneath it, but the joy of what the ornaments on the tree mean to us.

A Star for Jesus
This story reminds us of the role that the star plays in both the Christmas story and in our Christmas festivities and decorations.  Note: the book does not take place in the manger when Jesus was a baby, like many stories of the wise men following the star. It is more biblically accurate as it details the time in Jesus' life that the wise men actually came to see him.
 What's your favorite Christmas book for children?

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Melissa said...

We've been reading a bunch of Christ-centered Christmas books this month; love the titles you picked!

totschooltotallyawesome said...

I would really want to buy The Sparkle box; sounds like a really good book :) And I really like all your selections too, pinning this!
-Veens @ Our Ordinary Life!

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

I love "Room for a Little One"! "This Christmas Cat" sounds darling!

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