Saturday, December 14, 2013

handmade ornament ideas for kids

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there are so many cute and creative ideas out there for ornaments that kids can make.  i've gathered a few that we've done here and lots more from other talented bloggers for you to check out. 
String Ball ornaments from Child Central Station
Fruit Loop Wreath ornaments from Putti's World
Beaded Twig Ornaments from Housing a Forest
Craft Stick Christmas Tree ornaments from Hands on: as we grow

Stained Glass Nativity ornament

Bird seed ornaments from JDaniel4's Mom
Molded Clay ornaments from Mama Smiles
Recycled lid snowman ornament from Inspired by Familia
Puzzle Piece ornament from Mama. Papa. Bubba.
Legend of the Candy Cane ornaments inspired by this printable at Happy Home Fairy
Simple homemade Penguin Cup ornament from Childhood Beckons

I-Spy ornaments from Teach Beside Me
Salt dough ornaments from here at Crayon Freckles

Button Tree ornaments from Under the Rowan Tree

Cupcake Liner Christmas Tree from One Perfect Day

Handprint snowmen bulb ornaments from Kids on the Grand
Pinecone ornament from Liberated Mind

Tie-Dye ornaments from eLeMeNo-P Kids

Gumdrop Pomanders from My Blessed Life

Christmas Lacing Card ornaments from Glittering Muffins

Kid-Made Time Capsule Ornament from Crayon Freckles
have you made Christmas ornaments with your kids?
what materials do you use?
(share a link if you've got one)

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