Sunday, January 12, 2014

the sunday parenting party

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i don't have a parenting post of my own to share this week.  i'm totally not complaining. i do truly love being pregnant, but i swear this pregnancy has completely taken away my ability to concentrate and form thoughts.  i'm trying to get some posts together for you guys this week, it's just taking longer than planned to write them up.  but i did want to make sure that i shared my favorite posts from last week.  here they are:
Now onto The Sunday Parenting Party hosted by Dirt and Boogers, Play Activities, Crayon Freckles, Taming the Goblin, The Golden Gleam, Prickly Mom, and The Tao of Poop! The SPP is place for readers to find ideas on nurturing, educating, developing and caring for children, as well as honest posts on the stresses of being a parent or caregiver. Reviews and Giveaways are welcome as long as they are relevant to the topic.

All parenting philosophies are welcome with one exception, please do not link posts promoting physical discipline as this is something we would feel uncomfortable having on our blogs.

PS: By linking up you agree that your post and photos are Pinterest, Sulia, G+ and FB friendly. We will be showcasing ideas on our The Sunday Parenting Party Pinterest board.

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Check out Why Does My Teen?, which is an informational site for the parents teens.

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Jelli B. said...

Andie, I'm so excited to find that you've got a parenting linky here. It's so hard to find good kid-themed linkups and I'm always looking for new ones. Will be marking the party on my calendar for next week.

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