Saturday, October 22, 2016

25+ No Carve Pumpkin Painting Ideas

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I was going through some old pictures and found these ones of when Bear was in his Octonauts phase and I painted our Halloween pumpkins in different characters for him.  He had some sensory issues when he was younger, so I thought I'd share them along with some other fun ways to paint pumpkins for other mommas with SPD kiddos (or those who just don't like the mess that carving makes!).

Here are some other incredibly creative no-carve pumpkin ideas you can do with your kiddos!

Grab some mini pumpkins and turn them into donuts for delectable breakfast table décor.
Add a bit of creepy to your porch with this huge eyeball pumpkin.
Halloween is cold around these parts, so a Frozen pumpkin is quite fitting.
Practice the alphabet while decorating pumpkins with this fun ABC pumpkin.
This caramel apple pumpkin is one of my favorites!

Use an old pot and create a pumpkin gumball machine!
Candy corn ombre pumpkins would be easy to make with a white pumpkin, too.
Use brass thumbtacks to spell out spooky words after painting your pumpkin.
You gotta catch 'em all to make these super cute Pokémon pumpkins.
Using Mr. Potato head pieces to decorate pumpkins is sheer genius!

Create a variety of pumpkin monsters to spookify your porch.
A Harry Potter pumpkin? Yes please!
This little unicorn pumpkin is super sweet.
Love emojis? Then paint some emoji pumpkins.
These are some amazing character painted pumpkin ideas.  I had to share them all.

Make your pumpkins glow in the dark with this tutorial.
Break out those sharpies and let your kiddo draw away!
Paint your pumpkins to look like funny little minions.
Or make them heroes in a pumpkin shell.
The simplicity and whimsy of these mummy pumpkins is so cute.

Make pumpkin decorating for toddlers easy with a paint resist technique.
Ever tried drip painting? Check out these pumpkins!
Chalkboard paint on pumpkins means that kids can continue to decorate all month long.
Save Halloween with these charming superhero pumpkins.
Make some homemade puffy paint to decorate pumpkins with.

I'd love if you shared links to any no carve pumpkin ideas you've used!

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