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i never know how much to tell people about myself. 
 will i say too much? will i not say enough??
so here are just a few things until
i figure out what i'm supposed to say.

1 my name is andie, but i'm also known as :
Mom, Mommy, Momma, Maaaahhhmmmmm!!! and Hey, Honey?
2 i'm a daughter of The King
3 i'm a 30-something mom who loves God
4 i'm a supporter of a woman's right to breastfeed wherever her baby is hungry
5 i have a teen heart-daughter, Pip, a 7 year old son, Bear, and a 20 month old daughter, Sunny
6 i have been with my amazing husband for 14 years
7 i'm currently working on degrees in early childhood education and psychology
8 this blog has been the source of happiness for me for over 5 years now
9 i play the flute, the water bottle maracas, and pot/pan drums proficiently
10 worship music from Casting Crowns or Lincoln Brewster often fills my home...
11 but Bear and i also like to get down and boogie to The New Kids on the Block
12 i love The Replacements movie  "Pain heals. Chicks dig scars. Glory...is forever."
13 i use plastic silverware in restaurants
14 i used to love unicorns and Rainbow Brite
15 i still love Rainbow Brite
16 chocolate is my enemy
17 yoga pants are my best friend
18 i have 8 tattoos and 3 piercings 
19 my blog was named after attributes of two of my kids (Bear uses crayons, Pip has freckles )
20 the Star-Spangled Banner usually makes me cry
21 The Creation Story amazes me
22 i used to be a prison guard
23 i've spent so many hours with the Golden Girls they're pretty much my grandmothers
24 i met my best friend online
25 i am so grateful that God has put me where He has in my life....

you can also get a peek of me in my intro vlog

  reach me via email here
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