Wednesday, February 22, 2012

our preschool area

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i've been wanting to show you our preschool area for a while now.  but i just got around to having time to take pictures when it wasn't a meSS.  this area is actually the back of the dining room.  the little wall on the left helps to separate from the kitchen.

the shelf houses activity bins for 
playdough, magnetix, alphabet milk caps, writing tools, etc.

a bin of homemade playdough and tools to use with it.

above the shelf, i hung three nails with clips on them.  that way Bear can put up whatever projects he's pRoUD of... like his valentines, moose and Press Here book.  we found this old watering can at a garage sale for 10 cents and he loved it.  so i figured we'd put it to work as a pen/pencil/marker holder.

this little container holds Bear's special things, or "pRiZEs", as he calls them.  they make me smile.  the digital camera works and he takes pictures alot.  i'm planning a post on it once i figure out the wording.

this cabinet houses all of our homeschooling and crafting supplies

on top is where i keep our extra markers, momma's scissors and paintbrushes,
and supplies for the day's activities.

on the file cabinet is our felt board and books that we're currently eXpLoRiNG

the file cabinet also holds our stash of paper...color-coded, of course!

this is the area where we do our focused work or where i set things out to explore.  lots of time is also spend in Bear's room and our soon to be decorated playroom

what does your home learning space look like?
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