Thursday, February 24, 2011

crayola window markers

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the writing isn't on the's on the window!

when i was 2, i took it upon myself to “decorate” a piece of the wall in my great-grandma’s house with cRaYOn.  my mother and i lived there at the time, so she immediately reprimanded me, gave me a bowl of soapy water, and made me start scRuBBinG.  my Gram came home from work, and saw me there with tears falling, remorseful eyes.  being the protective and loving woman she was, she skipped over me and asked my mother what she had done to her baby.  heh heh…those marks were still on the wall when my Gram sold the house many years later. 

all that being said, when Bear drew on our sliding glass doors with a crayon at about 16 months of age, i handed him a wet wipe and made him “help” me clean it off.  when Bear started using markers, we had the usual “only on paper” conversation.  i’ve seen the Crayola Window Markers in the store numerous times, but have always been hesitant to buy them.  well, i finally did. we’re stuck in that odd transition between winter and spring.  it’s too cold to go outside and play…but the view from the window looks like it’s 70 degrees. 

we broke out the markers at about 11:45.  at 12:45, Bear was still going strong.  i made him take a break for naptime, but he went right back when he got up. the marker came right off of the window with a baby wet wipe.  over the past few days since then, he has gravitated back to them over and over.  best $5 i've spent in a while...

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