Tuesday, March 8, 2011

painting with toys

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this project was inspired by Bear's excitement at seeing a picture of his footprints in the snow.  we identified several diFFeReNT fOOtpRinTS in the picture: his, mine, a bird’s, and some sort of animal.  we talked a little bit about how different people and animals leave different marks, tracks, or prints when they walk.  with the changing seasons, this could also be related to wet footprints left from spring rains.  i try to look at everyday items that can be used in unique ways to create art that is relevant to Bear's life as a 2½ year old.

i set out pAiNT, paper and a variety of plastic tOy aNiMaLS and pEOpLe.  i set up all the different choices in front of Bear.  he chose which one he wanted to stamp with and then chose which color paint to use and let him stamp away. 

the result was a paper entirely covered with different tracks. 

happy stamping!!!

Literary Connections
Big Tracks, Little Tracks…Millicent E. Selsam and Marlene Hill Donnelly
Follow Those Feet! Dora the Explorer…Christine Ricci
Footprints in the Snow…Mei Matsuoka
Tracks in the Snow…Wong Herbert Yee

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