Wednesday, March 9, 2011

diy preschool stringing activity

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this winter is dragging on forever.  we keep getting what i call “teaser days.”  y'know,  the nice days when you can go outside with just a sweatshirt on and enjoy the warm sunshine-y day.  days like those are usually followed by a week of bitter cold.  right now we’re in the throes of another week like that.  some days are deceptively nice (from the inside of the house).  the sun is bright, the trees gently sway, you step outside and BAM! get hit with a stinging chill that sticks in your bones for hours.  this leads to cABiN fEvER in my stir crazy toddler.  so here’s our recent creation to help keep his mind stimulated and hands busy. 

practicing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination is important for little ones.  fine motor skills are movements that require dexterity and control of the smaller muscles in the body.  examples of these movements are seen when watching your infant pick up a dry cheerio with her thumb and index finger or observing your son scooping up yogurt from a bowl.  for young children who are learning their colors, this can also act as practice in naming the color bead they are stringing.  a favored activity of preschoolers and early education teachers alike is threading beads.  here’s how to make your own stringing activity using shoelaces and colored sheets of foam. 
i got the idea for these hearts from a darling book entitled
The Day it Rained Hearts by Felicia Bond.

i created these for Valentine’s Day, but Bear doesn’t care that the holiday is over.  you could also cut out flower shapes, clouds, or standard shapes (squares, circles, triangles, etc).  i cut out the hearts freehand, so some of them are oddly shaped, smaller or bigger than others, etc.  

after they were all cut, i punched a hole in the center of each heart for the string. 

next time we use them, i think i’m going to mix them in with the lacing beads we already own.  i found a wooden set at Target awhile back for $2.50.  i’ve also seen plain wooden beads at stores like Hobby Lobby that would be ideal for personalized decorating and stringing. 
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