Thursday, March 17, 2011

preschool "woodworking" activity

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Bear adores borrowing my tOOls when i’m working on a project around the house.  after a recent visit from mr. handyman, his newest fixation is wanting to haMMeR nails into the wall.  so on our latest trip to the store i purchased a small bag of goLF tEEs and a 3-pack of floral fOAm bLoCKs (the kind you arrange silk flowers in).  the total cost was about $6.  once we got home, i had Bear get out his little plastic hammer and have at it. 

he thought it was the greatest thing! 

once the original block gets too many holes in it, i’ll flip it over.  after that, it can throw out and replaced with a new one.

not only was he having fUn in his imaginative play, he was also practicing fiNe mOtOr sKiLLs and haND-eYe cOOrDinATioN! 

literary connections
A Day in the Life of a Construction Worker…Heather Anderson
Alphabet Under Construction…Denise Fleming
Bob the Builder Series…Annie Aurbach

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