Wednesday, March 16, 2011

St. Patrick's Day

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or each season we’ve started decorating our glass front door.  since St. Patrick’s Day is tomorrow we made up some fun decorations to try to trick a leprechaun into coming to our house.  We made shamrocks, rainbows, and a pot of gold.

for the shamrocks, we used leftover heart-shaped doilies from Valentine’s Day. i cut out crescent shaped pieces of green paper for the stems. 

i put some of the green from our new Color Splash Liquid Watercolors into a small travel-sized spray bottle mixed with water and let Bear spray away. 

i placed them on the countertop to dry.  if you like your countertop, i'd suggest laying down a plastic tablecloth first as the watercolors tend to stain a bit.  i don’t care about mine as our new one will be ready in a few weeks.  once the hearts were dry and laminated, we assembled them into a shamrock shape by placing the points of the hearts together and taping the stem on.  

we also made rainbows using our new Do-a-Dot markers.  they’re similar to bingo markers except they are washable.  i let Bear do what he wanted while i made a typical rainbow as i wasn’t quite sure he remembered what a rainbow was since we covered noah’s ark a while ago.  after the markers were dry, i laminated them and labeled them with a permanent marker to preserve them for following years. 

we also used the Do-a-Dots to create a pot of gold.  

Then all the projects were ready to be taped on the front door to make our house festive for St. Patrick's Day.

Side note: As a bit of an extension, we listened
to bagpipe music and visited websites about Ireland. 


Literary Connections
The Night Before St. Patrick’s Day…Natasha Wing
St. Patrick’s Day…Gail Gibbons
Jack and the Leprechaun…Ivan Robertson and Katy Bratun

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