Wednesday, April 27, 2011


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so. at the risk of sounding like i’m fishing for compliments, i have to ask.

dOEs tHiS BloG sTiNK?

i guess i don’t understand this whole blog community thing? i love and know most of my followers.

i wish you could've heard me giggle the other day when i hit 10!

but i have to ask….

HoW dO bLOggErs geT hUnDReDs oF foLLoWErs??

what are the tricks and tips?
what is it about the blog that draws people in?
or is it the blogger themselves?

not sure how many people will read this.

i’ve also been posting on quite a few LiNk pARtiEs, commenting on other’s link,
but haven’t gotten too many comments that way.

so any heLP, aDvICe, ConSTruCtIVe cRiTicISm is appreciated.
                       (as long as it’s not a “you suck. get off the computer” type thing)

iF yOu aRE onE Of mY FollOWerS, i appreciate you being in my top 10
i’m following you all back.

if YoU’rE noT oNe Of My fOLLowERs, give me a trial run. follow me and if nothing appeals to you, throw me back into the bloggy ocean.

**sigh** i guess where I’m going with all this is it’s discouraging for me to put what i think are good posts out there that few people are ever likely to see. **sigh again**

sorry for the pity party. i'm not always like this. check any other post and you'll see that
i'm usually a sUNshINe giRL

so let me ask you this.... 
when you read this, please drop me a comment to make my day!   
AND give me your blog address so i can come and check you out too!!
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