Wednesday, April 6, 2011

homemade hot pockets

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sometimes i struggle with what dish to make for dinner that will appeal to the preferences of mY hUsBAnd, mY tEEn, mY pICkY toDDleR, and mY picKy sELf. 

i made homemade pizza pockets one night out of crescent rolls and they were pretty good.  so i decided to try my hand at a homemade hot pockets.  

i used a tube of pillsbury premade pizza dough and a cup each of chopped broccoli, chopped ham, and velveeta cubes. 

after baking the pizza crust for a little bit (longer than the instructions say due to my slow-to-cook oven), i cut it into eight squares.  after a few pieces of each of the three ingredients were tucked inside, i folded them diagonally to make triangles.  then they were baked until the crust turned brown. 

surprisingly enough, eVerYOne liked them, including me.
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