Sunday, April 17, 2011

colorful book organization

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i love to read. always have.

when I was 10, i was reading v.c. andrews and danielle steel novels.
i’m pretty sure this is where i got my outlandish ideas about romance.
not only was reading enjoyable to me, but it provided an eSCapE                        
though i’m grown and have a family of my own,
                                i still love to curl up with a good book…
              not that i really have time with classes and home-preschooling a 2 year old.
so i’ve adjusted my passion from my books to Bear's books
                     (which works anyway since i’m a preschool teacher by trade).

we probably read 10+ books a day.
that being said, we’ve got a ton of books!
books that are ours.
books that are the library’s.
books. books. books.
                     they seemed to have multiplied and are stacked in every corner.

i put some in Bear's room and some in the family room.
he has his own little corner in our living room.
that’s where i put all of his favorites.

i originally had them organized in two sections: hardcover and softcover.
but the look was still messy and disorganized.

then i saw this picture on meg duerksen’s blog whatever

       (incidentally...her blog is've got to check it out.)

so i tried it myself and absolutely loved the organized colorful look it had.

now, don’t get me wrong…
              i don’t make Bear keep this up.
however, he’s able to go over and find the exact book he’s looking for…
and most of the time he puts them back into the same color family.
not sure if I’m teaching him organization or compulsiveness…
                                                             but yay for learning how to sort by colors!!
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