Thursday, April 28, 2011

magnets on the fridge

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my mom brought over these bAmBi magnets on easter.

she got them out of something, i’m not sure what.
like many families with small children, we have an overabundance of cRaPOLa.

we don’t have oNe of anything, we’ve got FoUR.
and of course as i’m writing this , that song from the LiTtLe meRMaiD pops into my head.

i’ve got gadgets and gizmos aplenty.
i’ve got whozits and whatzits galore.
you want thingamabobs, i’ve got 20.

anyway. Bear saw them and wanted to keep them (of course).
i had to figure out wHAt to do with them and wHErE to put them.
so i made a matching game out of them on the fridge door.

once i showed him one match, Bear matched up all the rest.
since then, he’s gone back to the fridge many times and done them.
he’s also separated them into “mommies” (the big ones) and “babies” (little ones).

it’LL dO foR nOW.

eventually they’ll lose their luster and
                   be forgotten in the dUsTY dePtHs of the craft cabinet.
then next spring, i’ll clean it out and find them.

                                  and they’ll go BaCk on the fridge.

also on the fridge is set of leftovers from Bear Man’s room.

heRE’s tHe BaCksTOry:

i had purchased thin wood letters that spelled out his name and painted them to stick on the wall over his crib. it looked so cute! LINCOLN
 then he was born. and he didn’t look like a lincoln.

so the hubs and i spent the next 2 dAYs taking turns combing through the baby name book to find baby boy a name. finally we settled on a name that suited Bear perfectly. and one of the first things i did upon bringing him home was to take LINCOLN down off of the wall.

once i was able to get out and about, i went back to hobby lobby and got the letters i needed to put his new name up there. and there they hung for two years over the crib he never once slept in because we coslept (safely) from the time he was 7-8 months. ((and a good thing too as the crib was later recalled))
so when i converted his room from a nursery to a biG bOY room, i didn’t know what to do with them, yet couldn’t part with them either. so i glued some magnets on the back using aileen’s craft glue from the infamous gold bottle. and put them….    
wHeRe eLsE?  on the fRiDGe.

not only does it help with his letter recognition, but he can practice putting them in order to spell his name.

but let me ask this… in the spirit of those capital one Vikings…

what’s on yOuR fridge?

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