Friday, April 8, 2011

Easter egg sensory table

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this Step2 Water Activity Table was the best $30 i’ve eVeR spent!  i actually bought it with birthday money that my husband’s grandmother sent me last year.  it has truly been a gift to me!  i generally switch out the contents every month or so to keep it iNviTiNG to Bear.  in the summertime, we'll take it outside and filled with water. 

i’ve put a few different things in it:
dried pasta
beads and buttons
styrofoam peanuts
       but i don't recommended unless you don’t mind bits of them alllll over your house.. 
       they are a bit staticy and stick to anything and everything 

since it’s sPRinG and getting close to EaSTeR, i bought a pack of plastic easter eggs and 2 bags of green easter grass to put into the table.  Bear added his own bucket, shovel, and egg carton from his play kitchen.  he likes to hide “prizes” in the eggs and find them. 

you don’t have to spend money on a table like this if you don’t want to.  an under the bed plastic storage tub works just fine.  (it’s what we used before i bought the table.)

i'm going to change up the contents after Easter to a more summery theme....see you then!
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