Sunday, April 24, 2011

quiet time

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sometimes i forget what quiet sounds like
during the day, we're bombarded with
so many noises
the tv
the tHumP of a car's bass
airplanes flying overhead
a neighbor's ever-bArKiNg dog
the cat crying in the bathroom for water from the faucet
the cRAsH of a lego tower
the sMaSh of matchbox cares
Bear's singing, talking, yelling

but then there are moments

mOmENts LiKe tHeSe

that are filled with sweet silence
and i sMiLe

not because the noise has ceased
but that is has been replaced

with the cOMfoRt oF kNOwiNg

that when we're together,
we don't always need words
soMeTImEs iT's jUst eNoUGh
tO bE nEAr eAcH oThEr

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