Friday, April 22, 2011

when a little helps you paint

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finally finished painting our living room and entry way…
was dreading the entryway and its vaulted ceiling.
using the standard extension pole, edger, and roller
i got the walls and ceiling line painted.

about halfway through Bear volunteered
to help me paint by grabbing the edger off of the table
and scrubbing it on the wall.
not exactly the desired effect,
but he felt so proud for helping, so i obliged him.

all was accident-free until he decided to come
down onto the landing with me.
a lack of space combined with his excitement led to this….

i haven't laughed that hard in quite a while!!
i ended up carrying him bucket-style
(the only way i can think of to describe it) into the bathroom. 
and the rug, once destined for the garbage
has now been relocated to our family room.
i love it...sometime, i may even have the rest of us
add our footprints to it too! (hmm….the gears are turning)

once we were done painting, something still wasn’t right.
in the corners, I could still see the annoying hue of
the butter-yellow paint peeking through.

i should probably tell you that this vaulted ceiling
is above two flights of stairs,
so standing on a ladder is virtually impossible.
so i macguyver-ed it

this would be my paintbrush taped to
the extension pole
using a profuse amount of packing tape.
i used it to brush paint into the corners.
whatever works, right? whatever works.

happy painting!

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