Wednesday, May 4, 2011

a big boy transportation room

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here's a tour of Bear's bIG bOy transportation rOOm. it's filled with anything that goes VrOOm, zOOm, or bEEp!

yes, my boy has a kitchen set. 
yes, he loves to play in it. 
no, i don't believe that playing house is for giRLs and cars are for bOYs.  

for the book cover art, i had a few of the actual book covers and made color copies of the others. i put them in spray painted frames that i had in the basement.

the abc’s and 123’s posters i bought at dollar tree (both for $1). i “laminated” them with clear contact paper. i have them stuck on the wall with scotch clear sticky squares.

we found his fiReTRuCk bEd at a local kid’s consignment store for $65.
the fabric sign above the bed was bought at the same place for $3.50.
i made the curtains out of fabric i bought off of ebay and stitch witchery (nO sEw). and funny enough, the little fiRe hYdRAnt was at our walgreens with dog toys in it.
and of course, there’s BeAR zipping through…
                 if only i could boTTlE his eNeRGy

above his bed is a personalized name sign with the leaders being gray with yellow dashes going through them like road lines.

to make it, i found a font that i liked and make the letters eXtRa hUGe in a word document.  after i printed them, i cut them out, and traced them on the canvas.  after the letters and grass were painted, i put dAsHEd liNeS through the letters so that it looks like a rOAd.  i had planned on finding some little cAr sTiCKeRs to put driving on the road, but i've yet to find them (it's been 8 months).

i purchased the A B C from hobby lobby. they were those tan paper mache letters. i repainted them those colors to match the colors in a stOPliGHt.
i lOVe organization. but i also am aware that it has to be easy for kiddos. to make it work, i purchased these crates during the fall back to school season.

the closet didn’t always have those shelves in the bottom. the closet used to have the doors that fold open. i piNcHEd my fiNgERs in them so many stinkin’ times, i just knew they’d be the source of tEaRs (and maybe blOOd) for Bear. so i took them off and built shelves to hold all of his toys. 
 so. yeah. that’s BeAR's rOOm.
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