Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bible character file folder matching game

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our house is a collector of all things uN-nEEdeD, uN-waNTeD, uN-wHAtEVeR. we’re constantly donating trunk-fuls of items to charity, but seem to accumulate things just as fast. not that we’re super shoppers or anything. it’s something here and there, bags of things brought over by my mom, that sort of deal. that being said, my mom got Bear a set of Bible Heroes gO fIsH cards in his Easter bucket.

he’s too young for them, but wanted to play with them, so i found a way to make it work as a mATcHiNg gAmE.

after i got the background paper and the stationary cards put in the right place i used self-laminating sheets on each side of the folder. ((the folder is too big to fit into my laminator)). i secured the edges with clear packing tape. i laminated the corresponding cards in my laminator and cut them out. then i used circle shaped velcro pieces to connect them when they are matched. hint: put the soft fuzzy side on the cards that are loose, otherwise the rough (hook) side may snag your couch cover…i learned this the hard way :P
then i let Bear have a go at it. he seemed to like it.
                                              aGaiN. and aGaiN. and aGaiN.
am just kicking myself that i didn’t remember this earlier. i did this for several of my early childhood classes and at the center i worked at before he was born. but it’s safe to say i’ll be making more fiLe foLDeR mATcHinG gAMeS in the future.

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