Monday, May 2, 2011

blog dying

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it’s funny how things parallel.

i colored my hair last night.

the same thing that usually happens haPPenEd.

it doesn’t look much different now than it did before.

wHaT tHe gRaPEs?
when the house had settle down and

i pulled up to the table with my laptop

i was greeted by some aMaZInG meSSaGeS.

i chewed on them overnight.

this morning brought more.
while i was eating my bagel, it hit me.

changing the background of your blog is like dying your hair.
it takes forever to pick the right nEW cOlOr.

while you’re doing it, you aren’t sure you are going to like it.

once you do it, you can’t believe you haven’t always had it this way.

so thanks to Misty and Laura for their constructive comments on the blog background. i'm a lover of primary colors, but after looking at in through their eyes, i can see how it was a bit overwhelming. 

does the nEw lOOk work better?
i need to go to bed.  i have a red-cheeked, sweaty blonde toddler with cRaZY bedhead who just stumbled up to me.  good night all!
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