Tuesday, May 3, 2011

decorate your soap pump

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my soap bottle sits on the sink.
the softsoap label tAUnTs me.

it doesn’t match my kitchen.
i think it’s in cAhOOts with the sanitizer bottle.

so today, i decided to cover their sMuG LiTTle fACeS.

i used scrapbook paper to create new labels for each bottle. first i created a template by putting a piece of paper over the bottle and tracing the existing label. when i cut it, i went a bit around where i had drawn to give me a little wiggle room. when the paper label was done, i used some art markers i had to write their new names on the paper. then i used self-laminating sheets to stick the labels on. i added some decals to the sanitizer just to lessen its plainness.

i have to say, i quite like them.
not as good as some of you can do, i’m sure.
but a good nUDgE to get you started.

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