Sunday, May 29, 2011

redoing the file cabinet

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this fiLE caBiNEt is in our dining room next to my craft cabinet.  it sticks out like a sore thumb.  but i'm attached to it, so it has to stay.  plus, what else would i do with the year and a half of pictures and drawings i've yet to scrapbook?

anyway.  here's your bEfORe

i was trying to figure out how i was going to pReTTy iT uP when i found this post by Jackie over at House of Sarager.  look what she did with an old filing cabinet. isn't it darling?

so off i scooted to hOmE dEPoT (where they know me well) and picked up suPPliES so i could beautify the cabinet.  the first thing i did was remove those bulky institutional plastic handles.  then out i went onto the deck to spray 3 coats of mocha latte colored spray paint on the file cabinet.  after the paint was dry, i put it in the garage to let it aiR oUT for a few days.  ((i love using spray paint, but the smell of the freshly painted items makes me a little gaggy))  it took 4 days, but it was finally uN-sTinKY enough to come into the house.

the days that the file cabinet spent in the garage gave me plenty of time to figure out what i was going to do with the front of the file cabinets.  i was stuck between two very different types of wall pops blocks. so i went back to my inspiration at House of Sarager  aNd wHaDDaYa kNOw?

i picked up the exact same wall-pops she used.  i didn't want to copy the original idea exactly.  what's creative about that?  and i liked the pattern on the other one, but not the colors.  then...

the lightbulb went on!  i remembered i had these:

Roommates Paisley Wall Decals

i got them at target for $10 because i thought they were cute and that i could use them on soMeTHinG as i was redecorating!  i knew they would work perfectly on the file cabinet somewhere to add a little fLaIR to the latte brown i spray-painted it.  my next hurdle was to fine odd-sized handles to replace those bulky standard file cabinet ones.  another trip to hOmE dEPoT.  as God would have it, i found them!  attaching them was an ordeal in itself.  because the file cabinet is made out of such thin metal, it was pretty hard to find cabinet (machine) screws that would work.  enter hOmE dEPot. 

Bear went with me to help find machine screws that were short enough (and wide enough) to hold the new drawer pulls on.  incidentally, if you ever do a project like this, i used #8-32x 3/8" machine screws (round head combo).  the screw length plus the nuts that they came with were perfect for getting the drawer pulls on securely. yAy!  the bee-A-U-tification only cost me $19.  works for me :) here's the finished product:

this darling piece has found it's way into the nook in our dining room where Bear and i keep all of our crafting stuff.  i'm sooo much more organized.  ~and~  it's alot more appealling than milk crates stacked on top of each other, right?

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