Friday, May 20, 2011

the long wall

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my husband and i have different tastes... mine is more eCLeCTiC, thrift store while his is clean and tRaDiTiONaL.  we’ve got quite a long wall that runs in our living room and dining room. before we repainted, i struggled with what to put on it. 

i’ve seen several examples of gallery walls on a few different sites…

i wish i could remember all of them, but this one by Jean at The Artful Parent is the only one i can remember the origin of.  and this arrangement that i have had stuck in my head ever since. 
from The Artful Parent/Jean Van't Hul

From Libbie Grove Design

From The Cellar Door Stories

 i’ve got a million eXtRa fRAmEs, plus two huge ones i picked up at a garage sale last weekend for $2 apiece. so armed with a hammer, some nails, and my pile of frames, Little Man and i set to work. i diDN’t pLAn or template anything out (which i’m sure is the proper way to do it). i held the frames up against the wall until i got them where i wanted them. Bear was handing me nails.

my goal was to create a space that reflects our family, but also gives us a noNPerMAnEnT, iNTeRchaNGabLe space to display our kids’ artwork. aside from the frames, i wanted to include some items that have sentimental meaning to me.  i framed 2 embroidered tea towels from my great-grandmother's house.  i also wanted to include embroidery hoop art that i’ve seen eVeRYwHeRE, but again, the only examples i can remember and find are at  Under the Sycamore and at 3 Boys and 2 Little Ladies.

i wanted to used one of the aPRoNs that my great-grandmother made that had been sitting in a bin at my mom’s. it makes me smile to think of GraM putting around her kitchen in this. i’m sure there was an easier way to make it. i should have probably done a little research before starting. i’m not sure how everyone else secures the fabric on the backside, but i smeared liquid stitch on the hoop and stuck the fabric to it.

a wonderful suRpRiSE while i was doing this was finding her haNdWRiTinG on the inside of the hoop. it was marked with the price $1.29 from when she had worked at phillip’s department store when i was little.  the result is a little plain.  i have to dig out some of her coSTuMe jEWeLry to spruce it up a bit, i think.

after that, it was pretty smooth.  i got together Pip and Bear's aRt that i knew i wanted up there first and stuck it up.  i used scotch sticky squares to hold the frames level and to stick up the artwork. 

i was nervous about what the hubster was going to think about it. but when he got home, he actually said that he liKEd it.  since you don't know him, i'll tell you this.  he never offers his opinions on my puttering in the house.  i usually have to solicit his input.  so for him to speak up made me sooooo haPPy.

here’s the final result. 

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