Wednesday, May 25, 2011

personalized for Pip

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Pip, my teenager, is obsessed with pArAmoRE. she started liking the band during her tWiLiGHt sAgA phase. now that she’s realized how similar it is to vampire diaries, it’s sort of lost its sParKLe (teehee). when we re-decorated her room the fiRSt time, we put 3 twilight posters on the long wall. i chose to use posters because i remember how fickle and ever-evolving my interests were when i was a teen. i wanted something that was inexpensively changed out, but still reflected who she was.

but i digress… i ordered 3 pArAmoRE posters off of when they arrived, i noticed that one of them was in a sMaLL flat envelope of the non-poster variety. after opening it up, i found that it was a promo poster you’d find in a record store (or whatever they’re called these days. i don’t know, i’m from the eMPiRe reCoRDs generation.) so i had to do something to fill the gap that the little poster was going to leave.
enter mODgE pODgE. i’ve been wanting to try modge podge for awhile now. i even bought some at the store last week. glad i found something to do with it. i had a few old canvasses that i painted for Little Man’s nursery. at some point, something had stretched and dented the canvas that was really visible when the light hit it.

i used some scrapbooking paper and letters to make Pip a personalized pArAmoRE piece of artwork. (wow say that end part 5x fast). i’m pretty happy with the end result… i think that there’s something miSSinG in the center of it. am thinking i’ll scan one of the album covers to put on there?? maybe tOMoRRow.

while i'm at it, i thought i'd give you a tOUr of Pip's rOOm

disclaimer: it's the 1st room of the house i redid.  not much craftiness in here...

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