Sunday, May 8, 2011

he changed my life

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the second i saw your face, i fell in LovE.
                    then i fell over and over and over again.

when they placed you in my arms,

i felt such a powerful rUsH go over me…

it is one that words can never explain
         yet other mommies understand fully
the first moments so full on juxtapositions…

you were so sMaLL, yet you were my wOrLD

you were hElPleSS, but able to control my every bReATh

you were frAGiLe, yet able to change my wiLL

it was the moment i had been waiting for my entire life
i finally learned how to LoVe someone
                         wHoLLy and uNCondiTiONaLLy
i had no idea what it was like to live so
                               sElfLeSSlY for someone else
i was so worried (and still am) that i won’t be
                                   a gOOd MoMMy

your first rEAl sMiLE

your eYeS looking at me while you nursed

your little body sNuGGleD onto my chest to take a nap
 i wouldn’t trade these moments for anything
even now, when i can’t walk without tRiPPinG
                        over a runaway caR or an errant bOOk
or as you cross your arms across your chest and say

                                that yOU're going to take mE to the car

your size and speech makes you seem older than you are

sometimes even i forget how LittLe you actually are

you are my gReATesT giFt

you are my lEgaCY

you are my bABy


haPPy moMMy'S dAy!!!!
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