Monday, May 9, 2011

ugly, sticky chairs

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sticky chairs, sticky chairs
what’s all over you?
sticky chairs, sticky chairs
it’s not your fault
ok. if you’re not a fRieNDs fan, the above will mean nothing to you.
if you are, then you will have that tune
                     stuck in your head for the next 3 dAYs…..
                                                            and, you’re welcome.
a few years ago, my husband and father-in-law a nice table at a local thrift store for around $450. it was fruitwood, had 2 leaves, 4 chairs, and 2 captain’s chairs. our current table was old and had been “in the process” of being refinished for a few years. it was a bit wobbly too. i wanted the table, but at that time we couldn’t afford it. so the in-laws got it for me for my birthday.

the set got delivered and i vAcUUmeD it, feBrEEzeD it, pLEdgEd it and it was set. i’m not sure what happened, but over the past few years that we’ve had it, the finish on the backs of the chairs has become tacky.
         not gRApE jelly or sPiLLeD jUiCe sticky.
they just had this mysterious stickiness that
                     sometimes got worse if it was humid.

we’re in the process of re-doing our living room/dining room/kitchen
                or livi-din-itchen as i sometimes refer to it
(y’know, like how schools have cafegymatorium?)
and these chairs, i gotta tell you, are such an eYeSOre. the 1970s scalloped edge of the table is tagging along for the ride
(sorry it's upside down. i have a tendency to forget bEFoRe pictures)

3 coats of paint on the table base, it was white. fresh, clean white.
then came the fun part. wielding sandpaper and a hyped-up toddler i attacked the table. Little Man helped me to distress it. i LOVE it.

here's a shot of the chairs before:

i had to take the seats off of the chairs to paint them. and if you think the blue fLoWErY fabric was bad, wait until you see what i found underneath...

wait for it...


wait for it...

totally rad, right? yup. those are pineapples you see. even the goLDeN giRLs wouldn’t have tolerated this.

i recovered the cushions in some great heavy fabric i found on clearance at hobby lobby. i added a few more layers of quilt batting to add a little more cUsHY for the tUsHY and stapled away. then i scotchguarded the daylights out of them (i have a toddler and a husband with the dRoPsiES)


after 4 coats on the chairs look great too. after i got the seats fastened back on, i could hardly believe they were the same chairs!

the last step i need to do is coat the white with polyurethane. here’s a great tip i found in this post by Sharon @ Two Girls Being Crafty : there are 2 types of poly: one for paint and one for white paint. if you don’t use the kind made for white paint, it will yeLLoW. so i’ll be off to home depot tomorrow in search of it. then they’ll be completely done.


the finished product is exactly what i want our hOmE to fEEl like.
and do you want to know the best part? the sTiCKineSS is gone.

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