Wednesday, June 1, 2011

making wall art out of a gift bag

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i've been eyeing this giftbag and the coordinating products at target for a while.  i LoVe the design, but didn't know what i'd do with it.  was there with Bear and saw it on a clearance endcap for $2.18 (or somewhere close to that).  of course, i snapped it up jUSt beCAuSe.  as we were finishing up our shopping i figured it out.

once we got home, i pulled out an old frame i had.  next i attempted to disguise the fact that it was indeed a giFt bAg.  i pulled the ribbon handle out of the back side that was folded.  then i glued it on the other side (see it at the bottom?).  this kept me from having to do anything about removing the top ribbon handle and subsequent holes it would leave behind.

overall, i'm diggin' it. 
it cost a little over $2. 
and it mAkES mE sMiLe whenever i look at it.

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