Tuesday, June 14, 2011

keeping a toddler busy

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this is a continuation of my previous post "when a toddler helps you paint"

we are installing laminate flooring in our liv-din-itchen (our L-shaped combo room).

here's how my 2.5 yEaR oLd liTTLe buDDy helped me lay the flooring...

marking the boards

i gave him one of the art markers i was using to mark the cuts and let him draw on the pad on the underside of the planks.  kept him busy, he had fun, and i thought it'd be a laugh for whoever pulled up the floor in 40 years.

the final product

extra samples = extra fun

when we were looking for colors, i grabbed several samples.  after we picked our color, we gave them to Bear.  here he is "cutting" them... 

let 'em run...

i knew there was going to be now way to keep him out of the workspace, so i just let him go.  and see that blue painters tape? secret trick to keeping seams together when you're locking boards into place.  pLUs i put them in place and Bear came and pushed them flat on the boards

other useful items for keeping him busy were:
shop vac accessories
plastic level
plastic tape measure

that's all i've got for now... pics when we're done....  blessings to you all!

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