Sunday, June 5, 2011

what i learned this week

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this week has been a hODgE-poDGe of happenings. 
a couple lessons from this week:

1.  don't give a 2 year old a hoSE unless you want to get wEt  

 2.  seeing your child blow a bUBbLe for the 1st tiMe is positively amazing 

3.  a roll of scotch tApE lends itself to diSCoVeRY

4.  piCNiCs aren't just for teddy bears  ((dogs get hUNgrY, too))

5.  maTChBoX cars are fun for kids of aNY aGe

6.  nAPs are good for the sOuL

7.  laMiNAtE isn't as easy to inSTaLL as it lOOks ((i'mma take a 2nd whirl at it))

 nothing pRofOUnd by any means.  but that was our week. 

blessings to all of you lovelies...
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