Monday, July 18, 2011

in {her} shoes...christy

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heLLo lOVeLiES!  hope you've had a good weekend. 
it's moMMa moNDaY again! 

if you didn't catch the first post in the in {her} shoes series,
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the series provides us a lOOk at liFe from another momma's life is walking in her shoes. i'm so excited about this because we have amazing, inspiring mommas from different walks of life who are going to share their stories with us! if you'd like to participate as a guest blogger, leave me a comment or email me at
this week's post is by Christy over at Christy's Cuties.  she's a doLL!  she's a wonderful, supporting bloggie buddy of mine.  after you read her story, go check out her blog!

 ((look at this button! didn't i tell you she was a doll?))
in {her} shoes

Good morning. My name is Christy and I am from Christy’s Cuties. I am SO excited to be here at Crayon Freckles. Not only do I love that I am able to be here with all of you wonderful people, but this is also my first guest post! I am literally on cloud nine. Let’s get started, I hope you like my shoes.

Things I love: shoes, pink, decorating, coupons, and most of all, my family. I am a busy stay at home momma to three little cuties. Luke is 7, Kaleb is 5, and Riley is 3. Not only am I busy with my cuties, I am also a college student getting a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. Nope, that’s not all I do. My hero is my hubby, Jason. He has been active duty in the Army with a Special Operations Unit for 11 years. What does this mean for me?? It means that a few times out of the year I am a momma and daddy. We have been through eight deployments and many more TDY’s. Luckily for us our deployments only last 3-4 months at a time which is why we have one a year. TDY’s are two week training trips (some longer or shorter) and those are a few times a year.

The most challenging part of being an Army Wife/momma is being both mom and dad. There are just certain things that kids need dad for. For instance, earlier this year in school my oldest son received two notes….from girls. One asked him to be her boyfriend, while the other asked for a kiss. He needed to know which order he should answer the notes in, of course. And he did NOT like my answer! Haha! Luke came home wanting some fatherly advice, and not from mom.

The most rewarding part of my “job” is being available at any time of the day to my kids and family. I always said I never wanted any kids, now that I have them I realize I have the life I never knew I always wanted. It truly is the most rewarding “job” in the world.

While being a mother and father a large part of the time I try to make sure that our children know how loved and truly lucky they are. The most important values that I can instill in my children would be love and compassion. Love for one another as God loves us. And compassion to never forget what others may be going through. Although we do have a slightly different lifestyle than many others where we go without our hubby/father for months at a time, we realize that we are not alone and many more are going through the same thing. We also realize that we are blessed to have someone that loves us so much that he puts his life on the line to keep us safe from harm.

If you asked my kids to describe me in three words they would say: Pretty, Kind, and not mean. Yes, I did ask my kids this question to get an honest answer, and I’m happy with their answers! ;)

Thank you SO much to Crayon Freckles for letting me guest post! I hope you all have a Wonderful Day!!

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