Thursday, July 14, 2011

math with tongs...who knew?

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it's just lately that BeAR has gotten really interested in our pREsChOOl tiMe.  at my old center we would use muFFiN tiNS for sorting activities so i put this together.  not only was it fUn for him, but it also works on sorting/classifying based on one factor (color) which is an eArLY mATh sKiLL
colored bottoms of tins cut from cardstock for durability (i need to laminate them)
i purchased the two sets of pompoms at dollar tree for $1 aPiECe.  at first, Bear just used his hAnDS to sort the balls out.  when his interest started to wane, i added something that i knew he would lOVe ((and that would practice fiNe mOtOr sKiLLs and hANd-eYe cOOrdiNAtioN.))


((large spoons could be used also to practice balance))


and after the muffin tins lost their glow (about 20 minutes later), the pompoms turned into dirt and rocks to be put in the dumptruck.  yAy iMaGiNAtioN!!!


so break out the fLuFFy sTuFF,  grab the kiTcHEn uTeNSiLs and
leT 'eM gO!
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