Wednesday, July 20, 2011

watermelons and sunflowers {preschool arts and crafts}

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little man wanted to make 2 specific things the other day.  we had gotten done reading Watch Me Grow: Blue Plants a Seed and little man was feeling inspired.  (i'm not sure where the watermelon part came from though...)  he wanted to make
wAtERmeLoNS and sUNfLowERs

making projects like this sort of bother me because they are somewhat close-ended with a planned result.  on the other hand, i am proud of his appreciation for preplanning and realism.

so we got out the paint, the paper, and the glue and went to town.


rEd gLiTTeR added to piNK pAiNT

paint, paint, paint the day away

hardworkin man


painting with a variety of tools

liitle boy loves to glue....((he put the circle on by himself))

check out all that glue!!!  adding sunflower seeds for texture and to tie it in to our book.

after the glue dried
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