Wednesday, July 6, 2011

yadybugs and zigzags

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little man has a fascination with LaDYbuGs as of lately.  i asked him what he wanted to do for our morning preschool time.  his reply:
"i want to make a yadybug." 
((his L's come out as Y's...i'll miss this when he develops more))

i got out paper, paint, googly eyes, glue, pompom balls, paint daubers, etc, etc.  he was insistent that he didn't want to paint, so red paper it was...he also wanted me to cut out a ladybug shape.  ((so much for momma being hands-off, right??))

my favorite part about art with children is watching the geARs tuRN in their little heads as they work. i strongly dislike projects that turn out perfect.

i favor the pROceSS they use oVeR the actual pRoDuCT they create.
((stepping off soapbox))

but what a fIcKLe and pefectionistic boy i have. 
he's tYpE A
just. like. mE.
((me thinks i'm gonna be in trouble when he gets older))

once he got his 2 red ovals, he was cRAfT-haPPy...
and i happily let him dO hiS tHiNG.

here are his yAdYbuGS...

afterwards, we were digging thru the cRaFt sTuFF we came across a paper plate that i had cut into a spiral.  ((not sure why, it'd been in there awhile)).  little man found it and wanted to make a zIg-zAg.  sure. why not? 

It is better to cReATe than to be learned,
creating is the true eSSeNCe of LiFe
~Barthold Georg Niebuhr~
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